Thursday, February 17, 2005

My Identity

I have had a couple jabs implying that I'm not really a chick. Well, I'm not going to give my full name over the internet! If I was going to do that, I probably wouldn't be so mouthy (and would probably use real arguments more often).

However, I have been known in other forums as drumgurl, drumgurrl, DrummerGrrl, and other variations for about 5 years now. I often use the same pic in my profiles. So if I'm not really a chick, I've been a fraud for quite some time.

I'm most established on a local Iowa forum for hardcore music called the 515 Crew. As of today, I'm the 6th most frequent poster. (Damn you, Storkus! When did you pull ahead of me?) Feel free to view my profile, which has a pic and a link to all my posts. By searching through my posts, you'll find that I am indeed a feminist and a free-market advocate, and that my favorite word is "douchebag". (I'm also fond of "choad mower"-- made it up myself. Not choad, that's an old word. I believe I'm the first to match it with mower.) Anyway, you'll also find that I'm an econ student (honors!) and a drummer. That is, if you choose to read all 276 posts of mine. I won't give you my email address, but if you send me a private message through the 515 forum, I guarantee that Red will reply.

If you really want to stalk me, I have profiles on other forums like ifeminists, Kittie, and American Musical Supply. Shit, I even have one on Makeupalley. (That was really hard for a feminist to admit, but the real stalkers would have found it sooner or later.) I'm not gonna give you the links. I'm going to make you work at stalking me.

The only lie you'll catch me in is that I once claimed to be married, when I am actually just engaged. I lied because this guy was harassing me on the forum, and I wrote the comment in an attempt to get him to leave me alone. Experiences like that are one reason I don't put my real name on the internet.

A dating practice I've had in the past few years has been telling prospective dates that "I'm really a man."

I'm joking... Or am I really? (And would it be a good or a bad thing if I wasn't?)

You shouldn't be so hard on that Alkon lady. She has the she-male look going on - there's definitely a market for advice to achieve that look.
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Damn, Talented, intelligent and hot. What aren't you besides single?

Eric at led me here. I may owe him a beer.

Again, Great Blog!!!
Karen, I made up with the advice goddess! And she put a new picture of herself up. That really made me feel like shit. But she does look nice in the picture... I should let her know.
Kender, you definitely owe Eric a beer. I put him on my blogroll, too.
I'm waiting impatiently for my beer. I'm an old ex-soldier and I get thirsty!
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