Thursday, February 24, 2005

A New Name

It has been called to my attention that 'redneck' is a rather unappealing word. However, I've become quite fond of the name 'Red'. So now you see my blog has a new name: Red's Rants.

However, the new name was selected in haste. Perhaps the word 'rant' implies that I'm a whiner/complainer. That's not what I'm going for either. So if any creative minds out there have a better idea for my new name, please leave it in the comments section. If I choose your name, I will be sure to give you full credit!

:( I liked Redneck Feminist! It showed a sense of humor. And it was an unapologetic show of your feminist beliefs. (The dreaded "F" word that women shy away from now.)
Really? Hmmm. I could just go by 'Red Feminist'... but then people would think I was a Republican, haha. I don't believe Libertarians have an official color.
I like the alliteration. In some circles, both "redneck" and "feminist" carry a negative conotation. Were it me, I wouldn't give damn what anyone thuoght of my appelation. As I think you would should not be judged by the color of their pseudonym, but by the content of their blog. ;)
Red Feminist might also make you sound like a Communist which would make your blog title: Red Feminist: A Free Market Feminst blog. That would sound like an oxymoron :)

Besides, it is a female's God given right to rant. Or at least so I've been told by my lady friends. :)

I also liked Redneck Feminist. It was distinctive and showed a person unafraid of being politically incorrect. We need more people like that in this world. Please, go back to it!
I liked Redneck Feminist too. What's wrong with being politically incorrect? I think the title brings in readers because of the perceived contradiction.
If you can, stick with Redneck Feminist, and maybe put a blurb on the side to hush up the complainers.

Barring that, Free Market Feminist works, although it sounds a touch academic. How add the word "rock" or "drummer" in there: Rocking Free-Market Feminism.

Also, "drumgurl: Subtitle" would work.
Like many who've already commented, I like Redneck Feminist, especially since you seem to smash the stereotypes that tend to accompany both words. And "rant" has nothing to do with the content of a message, but rather its delivery -- loud, violent, vehement. So I suggest Redneck Feminist Rants.

And in case anyone's curious, the color long associated with classical liberalism in the UK (that's what they call libertarianism there) is orange. Don't remember where I picked up that tidbit or I'd toss a link.
I'm disappointed. Some of my favorite feminists have been rednecks -- Hazel Dickens and Loretta Lynne come to mind.

You should change it back.

You've got a PM back at SYG.
Another vote for keeping Redneck Feminist. F#&* those who don't like it.

For me, libertarian is more of a dirty word than redneck or feminist. But then I'm a liberal. To me, part of your appeal is seeing how you handle what I see as a contradiction.
Besides, a return to the "redneck" lifestyle is now chic. Look at Ashton Kutcher and Paris Hilton with their [$35] trucker hats!

Get a stetson, work a Skoal ring into your jeans, and quit worrying about whether the term "redneck" is going to offend someone.
Why change? I thought your first post addressed the issue well.

I agree, Redneck Feminist had a distinct ring to it.

Screw the trolls!
i liked redneck feminist too! i'm originally from a tiny, predominately redneck, north-florida town... and while i'm what anyone would consider a redneck, i could rather identify with the term "redneck feminist"! love your writing BTW!
How about "Red Pants"?
How about "Red Scare?" You get to be ironic, historical, and maybe even a little edgy. Or you could just go back to the original. The only reason not to is if you have your eyes on a radio show or something where you'd need to leverage your blog audience.

To thine own self be true...
To thine own self be true...
post some more, gosh darn it! I want posts!
post, please. i am so glad to have "met" you, bein both a woman indoctrinated in redneckedness, and having found FEMINISM as the world's only hope...

a secular god's blessings on you, Eve...
Redneck Feminist is genius.
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