Thursday, March 03, 2005

And a Couple More for the Roll

I decided to add a couple more blogs to my roll. They are greengabbro and feministe. Both bloggers appear to be feminists, and in my opinion, bring unique perspectives. That's really what I want my blogroll to be-- one that has a variety of perspectives which are not always predictable. In other words, I don't have to agree with a blogger on every issue, but I have to at least be stimulated by what he or she has to say. (Although I prefer to share at least some common ground!)

I'm also fond of humor. I even like really dumb humor. So in case anyone was wondering, Electronic Bubba is a complete joke. I have a feeling the guy is really a leftist.

I'm super-chuffed! Thanks for adding me :)
ain't nary a thang left on'is ol boy, nosiree. hell, i use my right han when i choke my chicken!
Yeah, but which hand do you use to jack your beanstalk?

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