Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Due to the fact that Red is now in two (possibly three!) bands, and preparing for job interviews, I need to get away from the computer. Therefore I will only update my blog about once a week. More specifically, this blog will be updated every Thursday. Sometimes sooner, but usually not.

So if you're still interested in visiting Big Red, a safe bet will be to stop by every Thursday. Thanks!

Bummer for your readers, but I understand time constraints too well myself. Hope the gigs go well for you!
I'm glad to hear that things are happenin' for you!
Why do you speak in the third person Redneck? That's rather odd. Can't you say "I"?
Red is odd indeed. I cannot say "I" in the first sentence, unless it is separated by a comma. I can usually only say "I" in the sentences that follow the first.

Red also has a hard time saying "I" when a new paragraph is started. I'm not sure why.
Good luck with your bands, drumgurl.
Oh yeah, if you're interested in acquiring my band's 2nd demo, swing by my site. It's still on the front page.
You need to let us know where we can hop a plane to so we can see The Red LIVE.

I'll bring a nice lighter to wave.
You're doing better than me. I'm so busy I can't even read blogs these days.
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