Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Got Any Cool Band Names?

Okay, so I need you to help me come up with some cool band names. One band I'm in is metal. No, not hair metal... just metal. This project is just in the preliminary stages right now, so I have a long time to come up with a name.

Another band I'm in is straight up jailbait rock n' roll mixed with some old school punk and rockabilly. The current name is The Pistils, something I thought of. But I guess when people hear that, they say, "You mean like The Sex Pistols?" Gosh, I never thought of that. I was thinking of flowers or something. I don't listen to much punk, so the similarity didn't occur to me. This band is mostly female (the bass player is the exception) so a play on the gender thing is okay, as long as there are no dumb references to periods or something like that.

Anyway, if you've got a cool name, please leave it in the comments section. Your prize will be a link to your blog (or to whatever you want) on the band's website. That is... once we get a website.

I have a funny story. In high school, my friends had a punk band and they were all terrible, with the exception of the drummer; who was a black guy with an 80s *Michael Jackson hair-do* that played bad-ass speed metal (I only mention his race because he was anomalous back then). My buds didn’t deserve him, but he was cool enough to help out. He was in a car accident two days before their first (and last) show. He offered to teach me to play their set with his drums. I SUCKED. This dude played the whole show with an injured wrist…the pit was raucous!

Oh yea, the band’s name was The Sluts. They were all males, so I don’t know if it would work for you gals. ;)
Erm... The Stamens? The [insert obscure botanical term here]s? Pistils are made up of a stigma and a style, which are nicely alliterative - Stigma Style? Or Stigma Style Ovary, if you're a completist.

I kinda like The Pistils, but I can see how an unintended Sex Pistol allusion would be annoying.

What constitutes cool, anyway?
How about some permutation of the name Voltairine de Cleyre (a great anarchist)?
I get the feeling Stigmata has probably already been taken, plus people might mistake you for hardcore Catholics. But it does put me in a Greek mind. How about The Maenads? They were women who worshipped Dionysius by throwing great revels and orgies. Sometimes "maenad" is used in modern English to mean frenzied woman. Perfect for punk rockers.
I have to say that i was in a band in high school and we were called: 'Seven Years Past Seattle'.

And we rocked! That is until the lead guitarist (as they always do) thought he could go solo.

Of course he failed.

ah high school dreams...
I always wanted to have a band and call it "The Official Truth."

It's something I heard on a news report once.
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