Thursday, March 24, 2005

More Right-Wing Political Correctness

In February, I blogged about the trend of right-wing victim politics. More recently, Ampersand has weighed in on the issue too, with a piece asking Why do right-wingers think criticism is censorship? Good stuff. Check it out!

That depends. When, for example, we're talking about conservatives getting slapped down by campus speech codes at public universities, I would consider that to be censorship.

Most of the rest of it is just whining political spin.

Just like the liberals who constantly say that we're "questioning their patriotism" when we say they're wrong. Or think that because someone like Ward Churchill is entitled to speak his mind, that we have to provide him with the microphone.
Yes, I would consider those speech codes to be censorship. I guess I wasn't aware that happens... then again, I'm at the University of Iowa!

And even if someone does question the patriotism of another, I still don't think that's censorship. A person may name-call in order to shut another person up... that might be considered an ATTEMPT to censor. But as long as it's done through free speech and not force, I think it's perfectly constitutional to do so.
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