Thursday, March 03, 2005

A New Name: The Final Chapter (unless there's a sequal)

The decision to return to the name Redneck Feminist is one I've given much thought. The previous change to Red's Rants was not due to pressures of political correctness, but rather due to respect. It's a fine line, but there is a difference. I still want to show respect for others (except for those I've dubbed 'douche'), but believe I can still do that using the RF name.

There were three main factors that went into the decision.

1) My traffic is much greater with the RF name. Brad was right on that.

2) I believed I could clarify my opposition to bigotry by including a blurb on every page. DevP seemed to agree. This is why you see the new description under the blog title.

3) I felt alternative-minded feminists needed a voice. This was by far the most influential factor. I kept thinking about how janekeeler said she could identify with the name Redneck Feminist, even though she (like myself) is hardly a 'real' redneck. I was genuinely surprised by the overall positive response to the name.

I have hunch there are more down home gals out there who hold similar views. We might live in red states or swing states. We may have a distrust of government and oppose some Democratic or Green Party policies. But we are not weak women. We are not religious fundamentalists. And we certainly are not complacent to right-wing attacks on personal liberty.

The idea of the 'urban feminist elite' is just as much a stereotype as the redneck one. But this inaccuracy has still managed to alienate some people from feminism. I hope I can offer a different kind of feminism that is still... feminism.

UPDATE: It is not necessary to edit my name if I'm on your blogroll. I plan to let Red's Rants have it's own section on my blog. You know, once I get around to actually implementing all those grand ideas I have...

I'll read your blog, redneck or not. I don't mean to sound lame, but you seem to have a better grasp of reality than I did at your age...albeit I was stoned more often than not. ;)
Hurray! I'm glad you decided to keep the Redneck. I like the seeming incongruity between redneck and feminist and I really like that it serves to remind folks that girls who grow up in cornfields can be kick-ass.
more posts!
I'm going to outmyself as a geek here, but it's worth it to share an anecdote. I was out on this vacation in some preserve in Montana (I'm normally an east-coast dweller), and the tour-guide started putting on some country music. One of the passengers came up to him and asked:

"Boy, are you a REDNECK? I'm a redneck, and my SON, he's the real redneck! After prom, everyone went to parties the next day, but he went BASS FISHING!" (And this is specifically his words. I'm not expecting all rednecks to bassfish/etc.)

This guy was so wicked proud of his son, and it started to make sense to me. I also rejected the "after-prom party" thing in high school, and rather just hung out with my high-school friends, staying up with video games and a lack of alcohol (though we grew out of that). That was our idea of a good time, and I imagined that if I had a kid, I'd like to be bragging about him the same way:

"You're a GEEK? Hell yeah! My daughter's a major geek - hell, after prom-night she and her friends stayed up all night watching Firefly."

It's just about doing your own thing.

(And off-topic, consider that a plug for catching some eps of Firefly if you can. It actually has some kinda-libertarian themes throughout, in a very cool way.)
Yay for Redneck Feminist! You get a mention in my blog today. :)
The problem, of course, is the people who think rednecks are bigots. They're ignorant.
Robert, for some reason I didn't imagine you as a stoner. Haha! I only tried weed once, and that was when I was auditioning for a band. I had only been playing drums for about 10 months, and this band was way out of my league. I was nervous, and they had weed, and I was far from home, so I though... why not? Well, I damn near forgot all my parts and my reaction time was a little slow. Timing is kind of important in drumming. Needless to say I didn't make the cut.
Good story, DevP. I vacationed in Montana once so I can totally picture the scenario. Btw, we actually DROVE their from IOWA!

Will have to check out Firefly.
Why did I say "drove their"? I'm really not that stupid. I know it should be "there". The blonde moments are occurring with greater frequency nowadays.
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