Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A New Name, Part 2

Well, the results are in! ...But Red is still being an indecisive weenie. I'm going to go ahead and blog-whore for those who weighed in. (If you're named but not linked, it means I don't have your link or your profile isn't available for public viewing. Holla at me if you want me to add a link to your name.)

Karen, PJ, Eric Cowperthwaite, highlonesome, Ron, Brad, Fred Vincy, Chris, and janekeeler all wanted a return to Redneck Feminist.

The following three agreed that RF was a good name, but gave me some suggestions in case I still wanted to change:

DevP offered Rocking Free Market Feminism, or some other play on the rock/drummer thing, such as Drumgurl: A Free Market Feminist Blog.

Sunni suggested Redneck Feminist Rants, and also informed me that the color for classic liberalism (which is basically Libertarian ideology) was orange. How cool, since my blog is orange! Also, I'm a Redneck Dumbass for previously misspelling Sunni's name on my blogroll. So sorry!

Enlightened Caveman thought of Red Scare. Hmm... I like that too.

Only Robert liked the alliteration Red's Rants, although he agreed that I shouldn't care what others think. And ST thought I should change to Red Pants. (Does ST stand for the band Suicidal Tendencies? Cool!) Anonymous said, "To thine own self be true..." Yep, too bad I can't figure that out!

Michael_L graciously pointed out that my idea of Red Feminist: A Free MarketFeminist Blog was an oxymoron, since 'red' implies communism. Oh Mike, I'd say that was an oxyblonde moment for me.

Another Anonymous wanted more posts... tonight, y'all, after my class! I promise! I'll probably decide on the name tonight too. Isn't the suspense killing you?

Red has saved a draft of her latest post, but she is too sleepy to finish it. It's 2:36 a.m.!

Thoughtful suggestions all, but IMO, your current handle more accurately describes your writing style...and it's CLEVER.
I know it may not be the most important thing to you, but "Redneck Feminist" will likely draw a lot more people your way.
How about "Sweet Sweetback's Badass Blog"?
LOL! I've had worse things happen to me than that misspelling ... besides, it shows you got the pronunciation right, and didn't take me to be a Muslim (not that there's anything wrong with that ;-). Looking forward to see what you decide.
And how about a spot on the blogroll, Red?
Blonde moment! I seriously thought I had you there. Well, you are now!

Thanks for linking to me too. Hint: don't change my name on it, haha.
I always wanted to be blog whored by feminazi's and rednecks. Now I've got it all in one! My blogging life is complete.

Great deal on changing the name back, I like it. It catches attention and gets people to read.
Eric, haha, I'm glad I could help make your blogging life complete!
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