Thursday, April 21, 2005

End Feminist Chivalry, Part I

There are two things that anti-feminist women manipulate to get by in this world. They are 1) Male Chivalry and 2) Feminist Chivalry. I actually applaud Men's Rights Activists (MRAs) for recognizing how much some women rely on male chivalry. They argue that men should quit being suckers for it and let these princess wannabes fend for themselves. I agree. And you know what? It's time feminists cut off the chivalry, too.

I realize this is a very politically incorrect stance for me to take. But I don't really care. Fuck it. I'm not a leftist, so I don't have to play by those rules. I never claimed to be a nice person, either.

So this is what I propose: Anti-feminists must be subject to anti-feminist treatment. In other words, those who dish out sexist comments should also receive them. For example, the fucking ugly rather plain ladies of the IWF love to chide other women for their looks. One recent target has been Andrea Dworkin. (For all Dworkin's flaws, I fail to see what her looks have to do with it.) The IWF has also argued against both female boxing and women in the military on the basis that it will ruin women's looks.

Well, Ms. Charlotte Allen and Ms. Charlotte Hays... you first need to have looks before you can ruin them. And the two of you, well... you can't even use boxing or military service as an excuse!

But don't take my word for it. Feel free to check out these disastrous photos of Charlotte Allen and Charlotte Hays. Warning: Viewing these images could cause one to :barf:

There will be more posts on feminist chivalry in the future, which is why this is "Part I". I do have an actual argument brewing. But right now, I feel like being an asshole.

UPDATE: I'm starting to feel guilty about ridiculing the IWF ladies' hideous raisinesque faces. I should have at least said something about their bodies, too. After all, the American beauty standard is wonderful, says the IWF. So they'd probably appreciate my advice.

Dear Charlotte and Charlotte,

Please lay off the doughnuts. It is making your husbands very unhappy. In fact, they won't quit calling me! It is your duty as wives to visually stimulate your men. They wanted me to tell you that, while they appreciate that you always make dinner, you really don't need to be eating it yourselves.

So please, do your husbands (and society) a favor and do something about the fact that we can see your asses coming around the corner five minutes before you get there.

The Feminist with the Tight Tiny Ass

P.S. And the double chins have got to go! Just clip that shit or something!
Sheesh. And people think I call men pigs?

I'm pretty leftist in a lot of things, although I nearly always laugh and agree with what you write - like today. And oh my gosh those pictures are funny, especially considering some of the things they've written about feminists being unattractive!
Cool, I'm glad you liked (or is it hated?) the pics. I didn't even search hard for them. I just googled both their names in the "images" section, and they were the first pics to come up. So there's probably worse out there...

My hope is that I can satisfy some sort of guilty pleasure for the more leftist feminists. They are too nice to stoop to my level, and I respect them for it. But maybe they can come here and secretly laugh at my nastiness!
Have you been watching Deadwood? I've noticed your profanity picking up. No worries - it's happening to me, too.
Totally agree. They want to be treated like second-class citizens? Then let them.
I agree that it's long past time to take the gloves off, if you'll excuse the pun. If they themselves had been a bit more polite I would have refrained from mentioning that "homely" would be a remarkably kind way to describe most of the anti-feminist crowd. These are the women who are calling Naomi Woolf and Gloria Steinem ugly? Oh, the irony..
I'd add Ann Coulter to the list. Sure she's tall, thin and blonde, but am I the only one who thinks that she looks as if she used to be a man? Has anyone actually checked the plumbing?
PS While we're on the topic of chivalry, why exactly are doctors at family planning clinics obliged to provide abortions to people who actively campaign to ban abortion (eg, women who have picketed the very clinic they later show up at looking for an abortion, because "they" are special and "deserve" an abortion, even though they don't think anyone else does? If it were me I'd tell them to get the hell out of my office and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!
Oh Anon, you are too funny! Have you seen this pic of Ann Coulter? There's a remarkable resemblance to John Kerry.
I'm all for satire.

I fail to understand how claiming Ann Coulter used to be a man is satirical.

I used to be a woman. Many women I know used to be men. We're called transsexuals. Oh, and we're on the left, too, by the way. And some us, like me, are feminists, too.

So if Ann Coulter had been born a man, so what? Why is being born a man a bad thing?

The line between satire and snideness is very fine.
I'm sorry, Jay. That is indeed one area in which feminists shouldn't stoop to the wingnut level. I apologize that I've offended you.

I've probably also offended people who are older and/or overweight. On the one hand I feel it's wrong to berate people for their looks, but on the other hand I feel that women who praise a strict beauty standard should know how it feels to be judged by it. In other words, if they think women should be mere eye-candy, then let's see how THEY measure up.

So that's really the dilema. Ann Coulter portrays feminists as ugly, masculine women with facial hair... yet she herself has "masculine" facial features. But feminists don't want to say anything about it because we don't think there's anything wrong with having "masculine" features.
I guess I find berating the so-called enemy because they've berated me extremely ineffective.

As a political organizing tool as well as a way to build community, this kind of behavior has failed repeatedly in my twenty plus years of social justice work.

Do the women you berate read your blog? Maybe.

But assuredly other feminists such as myself (as do fat and older feminists) do read this, and other, similar blogs.

So what have you accomplished? You've missed your enemies and pissed off potential friends.

Believe me I understand the need to lash out. I've done it quite a bit in my life, and sometimes on my blog. It doesn't work and I don't really feel good putting others down. Just because the six people that read my blog agree with me doesn't make it more better or more right. It just means we can all agree about this one beloved prejudice.

For a variety of reasons I made a decision to blog about positive people and positive things. So, for example, rather than trash right wing men who hate feminism, I choose to blog about other transmne and natal men committed to revolutionizing masculinity.

Why? There's already enough mean spiritedness and shitiness in the world. Why add to it.

I think your desire to point out the hypocrisy of Ann and her pals positions/opinions is a better approach in my experience. I can hold the other person accountable for their words and actions, without harming or offending a whole group of people.

Thanks for your blog.
Yours in the work.
I LOVE this blog, I agree with all of you. I'm a huge feminist, but I'm NOT sexist against men (as the stereotype goes), I think they could use some liberation too (I can wear "boy" cloths to school, but a man gets arrested for "Cross-dressing"? How mideavel is that?).

Maybe no one knows, but I'll ask anyway; are there any blogs or websites for masculine women? (That is, women who are not very femenine and cannot help it.) I'm not just and "insecure" girl who "puts on a masculine cover". There are biological differences in masculine women, involving the amount of testostorone in the brain. The sexism is ludicrous, and I was wondering if others were feeling the same way. Better yet, I'm curious what feminine women, or men, must put up with from sexism.
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