Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cheesy Thursday Post

I'm a little too busy today to get a good post in. I know, it's Thursday! But hey, I gave you a free Monday post, didn't I? I'll be sure to get a post in this evening, too.

Still, I've got something great for you to read. It's predictably from Amanda at Pandagon. (I know, I'm becoming obsessed!) Anyway, it's called Man-hating, and it addresses the issue of male-bashing by anti-feminist women. You know, the silly Cosmopolitan-reading, chick flick lovers. They're the kind who constantly complain about their men and joke about how incompetent their men are. Here's what Amanda has to say [emphasis mine]:

....I submit to the jury that perhaps men don't know how many un-feminist women regard men. As helpless, stupid, hopeless, ruled by their dicks, too stupid to change a diaper, too lazy to wash a dish and generally useless but for the larger paycheck. Sometimes I feel a little left out when in a group of women engaged in man-bashing, a bit sheepish to look at my feet and say, "Well, actually, my boyfriend does his housework and I think he's pretty smart. Um, he doesn't know how to set the alarm clock?"

This all makes sense. If your worldview is that men and women are hopelessly different and forced by fate to live together, all the blather in the world about complementing each other isn't going to distract people from the fact that we generally prefer people like ourselves. All the empty rhetoric imaginable about men's roles and women's roles isn't going to displace the anger you feel about being constrained. And most of that unhappiness is aimed squarely at the opposite sex.
There are some great comments to this post as well. I put in my two cents, of course. I go by "Penelope Taynt" over there. I'm starting to regret the silly name. For those not raised on Nickelodeon, Penelope Taynt is Amanda's #1 fan. See, I told you I was obsessed.

Just when I was feeling all self-righteous about being a competent (also young and hip) single dad, you mention Amanda, who my kids loveā€¦I feel so old.
Aw, you're not old. I'm older than Amanda Bynes! But she is an adult now, and a quite attractive one too.

I always thought the Amanda Show was hilarious. And even though Amanda was sometimes dingy, I think she's a pretty good role model. Kids need to know that it's okay to just be weird sometimes. After all, they're kids!
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