Monday, May 02, 2005

End Feminist Chivalry: No abortions for lifers

I couldn't ignore this piece by Amanda from Pandagon. It's pretty self-explanatory how this goes along with my theme of feminist chivalry.

"I've had several cases over the years in which the anti-abortion patient had rationalized in one way or another that her case was the only exception, but the one that really made an impression was the college senior who was the president of her campus Right-to-Life organization, meaning that she had worked very hard in that organization for several years. As I was completing her procedure, I asked what she planned to do about her high office in the RTL organization. Her response was a wide-eyed, 'You're not going to tell them, are you!?' When assured that I was not, she breathed a sigh of relief, explaining how important that position was to her and how she wouldn't want this to interfere with it." (Physician, Texas)
Pfft. Feminists are too nice. Screw this bitch, I say. Make her suffer. See how she likes being a hypofuckingcrite.

Oddly enough, I myself used to be extremely anti-choice. I used to think that abortion should be illegal even in cases where the mother would surely die without one. My punishment should have been to fucking die. Seriously. I was so damn ignorant.

Since leaving the Catholic Group-Think Society (and giving a big "fuck you" to my ultra-conservative family) I have learned a few things. For example, I now know what an ectopic pregnancy is [emphasis added].

About one of every 50 known pregnancies is ectopic (meaning literally, "out of place"). Unfortunately, surgeons can't transplant an ectopic pregnancy into the uterus, so the pregnancy must be terminated. In fact, if an ectopic pregnancy is not recognized and treated in time, the embryo will grow until it causes the tube to rupture, resulting in severe abdominal pain, bleeding, and sometimes even death. Most ectopic pregnancies are caught in time, but the condition still causes about 50 deaths in the United States each year.
In other words, you get an abortion. There's no way to save the baby. But you just might die if you don't abort. So to all of you who say "no exceptions"... may you die from an ectopic pregnancy. Ha.

Another odd thing here is that I am still personally opposed to most fetal-stage abortions. While I have trouble defending an embryo against abortion, a fetus is a little too close to fully-human for my taste. But you know, I could be in a desperate situation someday, and I might just change my tune. So if you're wondering why I'm not opposing legal abortion, that is why. I haven't walked in another woman's shoes, and I'm not going judge (lest I be judged).

I always silently chuckle when I see young women and girls actively opposing abortion. I think... ah, someday you will want your abortion. And you will get it. And then you will be right back out there on the street, opposing abortion for everyone else. Perhaps when you get older you will become one of those "I'm Sorry" people (that is, if you actually admit you had an abortion). You will lament that you killed your baby and proclaim that you wish you could take back your actions. Of course, that's easy to say. You know you'll never have to actually do it. You'll never have to be young and desperate again, now that your own eggs are all dried up. Boo-ya.

So this is another way I think feminists should end the chivalry. Don't even provide service to these women. Find a legal loophole to deny them. Do it!

In case you're wondering where my anger comes from, yes I have been pregnant. Yes, I carried it to term. And yes, my "Christian" brothers and sisters were there to nail me to the cross every step of the way. Thanks.

Hiya. This is a subject that I've mused over from time to time. I *think* (not sure) that doctors can refuse to perform an abortion if they are not convinced of the patient's certainty. I can't remember where I read this (maybe the Abortion Clinic Days blog?) that abortion providers, when faced with a woman who is crying, or who says her parents/boyfriend wants them to have it, but they don't really want to, will tell the patient they won't terminate the pregnancy. So, no loophole necessary. I do not think, if I was a doctor, that I would be comfortable providing an abortion for a woman who spends her free time picketing my clinic, but who knows?
Hmm. It's a tough call. On the one hand, they do deserve to have their hypocricy thrown back in their faces. On the other hand, people who have no compassion or empathy for others are probably making a wise decision when they decide not to be mothers.
Hypocrisy is everywhere. One thing I really respect about your commentary Red is that you try to maintain a consistent worldview. That's not an easy thing to do, since we all like to practice cognitive dissonance. Like the girl in your story being the president of RTL and getting an abortion herself. That's some serious self-delusion right there.
Thanks for the compliment, Michael. I do try to be consistent. But sometimes I get too pissed off, haha.

Aunt B, I hadn't thought about that. They probably are making a wise choice in that respect.
That RTL president that had the abortion: I'd have either refused to perform the procedure or looked her STRAIGHT in the eye and said, "you preach RTL but don't do it yourself. There's a word for that. You should be ashamed for having no principles."

Red - the people who judged you and/or have no forgiveness for you are not "real Christians". Where was their scorn for the father? Telling us your personal experience helps me understand where you are coming from and adds weight to your opinions. Good for you for being brave enough to share.
Karen, thank you for the support. I don't talk about it too much. :)

I don't hate Christians, and in fact I think I might still believe. It's something I struggle with. I suppose if I decide to truly come back to Christianity, I should quit swearing so much!
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I have a hard time outlawing even late-term abortions. I have a friend who terminated a pregnancy in the sixth month upon discovering (I don't remember the medical term) that her baby had not developed a brain. There was a brain stem, but no higher function, or chance of higher function.

It was a very desired first pregnancy, and hugely traumatic to my friend. I hesitate to draw any line in terms of when an abortion is allowed because of cases like this. Forcing her to continue the pregnancy only to give birth to a child who would have no chance at survival would have been cruel.
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