Friday, May 13, 2005

Feminist Chivalry and the former Mrs. David Hager

Via a comment from Anne on Alas, A Blog I have learned that Dr. David Hager is leaving the FDA Advisory Panel.

Although this is not the official reason Hager is leaving, there have been allegations that he anally raped his ex-wife.

Now, I don't think his ex-wife, Linda Davis (Carruth), deserved to be raped. But she is one seriously dumb bitch. I can't help but notice that she co-wrote the extremely anti-woman book Stress and the Woman's Body along with her then-husband. She has spent her life opposing women's rights, and now she goes whining to The Nation about her abusive ex-husband. Who the heck does she think fought for her right to divorce an abusive spouse? Who advocated for laws against marital rape? She's just one more example of a weak woman who ran to feminists for protection after the male chivarly ran out. She didn't deserve to be raped, but she sure deserves to be slapped... by me.

My new hero, John Salmon, wrote this review of the book on Amazon:

Never mind the reviews from the hysterical liberal losers. The good Dr. Hager is a true Conservative Christian who knows that hypocrisy is just a liberal word for doing God's work while teaching your wife her proper place -- preferably while she is sleeping.

Forced sodomy, Hager teaches us, can be a healthy part of every Christian marriage. Forced sodomy allows the husband to fulfill his secret fantasies of hot, hot man-on-man action, Santorum-style, and unburdening himself of Stress, which is passed on to the Woman's Body, as suggested in the title.

Besides, if God had meant man to have sex with vaginas, He would have put them between men's buttocks.

A great book that is essential reading for all forced-sodomy-loving Conservative Christian couples!
You are too funny, John.

UPDATE: I can't resist pointing out this from The Nation article [emphasis added]:

Money was an explosive issue in their household. Hager kept an iron grip on the family purse strings. Initially the couple’s single checking account was in Hager’s name only, which meant that Davis had to appeal to her husband for cash, she says…

These financial atmospherics undoubtedly figured into Linda’s willingness to accept payment for sex…
Wah! Poor little victim! Guess what, sweetie... you don't have the RIGHT to someone else's paycheck. (See how she cleverly shifts the responsibilty for her financial well-being from her to him?) Ever hear of getting a job? Who was preventing her from doing so? You could say David Hager, but did he actually have that legal authority? No. It was her choice to cling to an oppressive ideology rather than to help herself.

Oh man, [rolling eyes].

This is as bad as that pro-life club president that wanted to keep her abortion a secret.

You can add my slap to the line up.
Apologies for my first comment on your blog being a negative one - I'm a regular lurker and mostly enjoy your blog but this post made me wince.

' she goes whining to The Nation about her abusive ex-husband...who ran to feminists for protection...'

Neither of these statements are, in fact, true.

And women don't deserve to be raped but they do deserve to be slapped?!

See that's the thing -- other feminists are too nice. I am not nice. You are absolutely right about that.

This woman got a divorce, didn't she? How, exactly, was she able to do that? Because of feminists. So maybe she didn't specifically go running to NOW, but she sure took advantage of the right to divorce. And she had a FEMALE lawyer defend her. Doesn't she think her lawyer should get back in the kitchen? Or is it okay to defend Linda Davis first?

What's worse is that this woman ALLOWED a sexual abuser to treat other women (as he is a gynecologist). She allowed him to control women's health through his position with the FDA. Why didn't she come forward sooner? Because she doesn't care about other women, that's why. She was too selfish, too worried about herself, her precious family, and how bad it would all look. She even co-wrote a book with him WHILE he was allegedly abusing her, calling for a rollback on women's rights.

Do I feel sorry for her? Not at all. The dumb bitch is STILL a political conservative. She's still against women's rights.

And that's fine, she can be that way. But in my opinion, women who are against having rights should just give them up. It's what she wants, isn't it?

As for slapping women, I suppose violence is not the answer. Okay, I'll give you that -- not because she's a woman, but because she's a person. I wouldn't actually slap her myself, but I have to admit I'd probably laugh if someone else did. (You still game, Karen?!)

I don't mean to sound like I'm yelling at you. I'm really not quite as rough as my web persona. I just don't have sympathy for people who are against women's rights, yet still take advantage of them.
LOL! I'm not usually perceived as too nice!

I *do* understand what you mean - and have some sympathy with your viewpoint. I especially find it infuriating when women with power crap on other women. One of the previous Ministers for Women in the UK for example, the *day after* she was appointed, said in a national intervierw that she thought feminists were negative whinging complainers... and I thought - on our backs you ungrateful ...

However, three things temper this response in me.

Firstly, I do what I can to uphold and expand women's rights because it's the morally right thing to do - not because I have an expectation of other women being grateful or even respectful (I mean sure - that's nice an' all but I don't expect it). Insisting on womenhavoing the right to make choices means that some women will make choices I strongly dislike / disapprove of.

Secondly, because people do what they have to do to survive. Under patriarchy, that means some women will perceive their best interests are served by collaborating rather than resisting. As an extreme example, women in Nazi concentration camps who kept themselves alive by sleeping with camp guards... were their actions treason? Yes. Were their actions understandable? Yes.

And finally, I have learned over the years to judge less and try to understand more - mostly because I myself have had experiences where I have behaved in ways that fall short of my ideals and also because I have changed my perspective / behaviour in many areas - so I now deal less in absolutes and more in shades of grey.

This is not to excuse her anti-feminist actions in the past - more to cut her some slack... based, I guess, on wanting not to be a hypocrite more than wanting to occupy some moral high ground. This isn't me 'having a go' at you in any way - just trying to explain where I'm coming from.
Hi Red. Well, I'm glad it's not just me. I was wondering if I was being too hard on old Linda because she's spent her life fighting against the very people who have always been on her side. And she's still on the other side. However, I'm glad she spoke up and I'm sorry she suffered. No one should suffer like that just for being dumb, helpless, and raised wrong. If she had some job skills and self-esteem she'd never have married the jerk in the first place. Mothers, raise your daughters to be people, so they don't end up victims. And we feminists are too nice, but that's why we're us, not them. End of sermon.
Wow, my first time here and I am soooo glad I found you. I can't stand women who want the benefits that feminism has brought to the world, but are against women's rights or won't call themselves feminists. This broad sounds like the worst of the worst.

And while I don't advocate violence against women, of course, I can sometimes condone violence against complete idiotic morons whether they are male or female. So put me in line to slap her!
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