Thursday, May 05, 2005

More on Conscience Clauses

Charlie Quimby has a good post on the issue of pharmacists refusing to fill birth control prescriptions.

When you're the boss, you get to make those choices, and within reason, I believe individual employees should be able to request the flexibility to make choices when work conflicts with personal beliefs. But if accommodating the request would reduce or deny service to the company's customers, it's time for the employee to suck it up or find another job.

This is where I finally must draw my own line. You cannot claim conscience and expect to escape the consequences. The moral authority of resistance comes from the willingness to suffer for your beliefs; it does not come from being willing to make others suffer. It was not the draft dodgers in Canada or the Weather Underground who helped end the Vietnam War. It was the people willing to risk arrest and imprisonment for their stand, just as it was the civil rights protestors who faced police dogs and the possibility of a one-way night ride to a levee.

His blog, Across the Great Divide, is worth reading as well.
Is this where we're headed? Red/Blue. White/Black. Straight/Gay. Saved/Sinner. Rich/Poor. Smoking/Nonsmoking. Prius/SUV. Can we be on one side and still find a middle?
I know. It sounds much too rational.

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