Thursday, May 19, 2005

Serving the Shame

Via my lovely fiance, I found this article about a pregnant student at a Catholic high school who was banned from the graduation ceremony.

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (AP) -- A pregnant student who was banned from graduation at her Roman Catholic high school announced her own name and walked across the stage anyway at the close of the program.

Alysha Cosby's decision prompted cheers and applause Tuesday from many of her fellow seniors at St. Jude Educational Institute.

But her mother and aunt were escorted out of the church by police after Cosby headed back to her seat.

"I can't believe something like this is happening in 2005," said her mother, Sheila Cosby. "My daughter has been through a lot and I am proud of her. She deserved to walk, and she did."

The school's guidance counselor delivered Cosby's degree to her house earlier Tuesday, but she still wanted to participate.

"I worked hard throughout high school and I wanted to walk with my class," she said.

Cosby was told in March that she could no longer attend school because of safety concerns, and her name was not listed in the graduation program.

The father of Cosby's child, also a senior at the school, was allowed to participate in graduation.
Now, this is a private school and they have every right to ban the pregnant student from the ceremony. But they're still wrong for doing it. And the fact that the baby's father was allowed to attend is a typical double standard.

Maybe they should just ban all students who aren't virgins. Hey, at least they'd be consistent.

P.S. Did y'all know I graduated from a Catholic high school? Yep, I am that cool.

I have a good joke about this on my site (at least I think it's good).
How appalling that in this day and age they would deny this girl the right to walk for her graduation. But of course, it was for "her safety" right? The worst thing is that they seemed to have no problem with the boy who got her pregnant - typical double standard.
Catholic schools are shite and this is just more proof of that. It *is* a double standard but I am not surprised (I was Catholic schooled for 10 years).
And I hope the father of the baby is going to take full personal, moral, and financial responsibility.
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