Saturday, May 28, 2005

Well, He Could Just Diet

Indianapolis 500 racer Robby Gordon is having a whine-fest because little Danica Patrick (a female racer) has an unfair advantage over him. This "unfair" advantage is due to the fact that the 100-pound Patrick weighs a heck of a lot less than the chunky Gordon.

"The lighter the car, the faster it goes," Gordon said. "Do the math. Put her in the car at her weight, then put me or Tony Stewart in the car at 200 pounds and our car is at least 100 pounds heavier.

"I won't race against her until the IRL does something to take that advantage away."

The Indy Racing League does not consider the weight of the driver in its race specifications. The car has to weigh at least 1,525 pounds before the fuel and driver are added, and teams in Indy have estimated that Patrick will gain close to 1 mph in speed because of her small stature.
Gordon needs to quit whining and start dieting. Life isn't fair, buddy. I've had to physically compete with men twice my size, and I never asked for any special treatment. I never asked anyone to "level the playing field" for me, just because God gave me the genes to only be 5'7 and barely over 100 pounds.

Someone will always have a natural advantage over someone else. Tough. The fight for equal opportunity is admirable; the fight for special privilege is nauseating.

Have there never been light male NASCAR drivers before? If driver weight makes a measurable difference, you'd expect to see a lot of small and light drivers competing.

I don't follow racing, but from what I have seen Formula One drivers do tend to be rather slight of frame.
This is laughable. Nobody in the NBA refuses to play until Yao Ming's height advantage is neutralized.

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This is pretty lame, I agree. I guess "precedent" is that men drivers should only compete against each other, since women have a natural physical advantage over the men. We could have "racing" for the women, then "men's racing" for the men who are physically disadvantaged in this respect. No need for them to play with the "big girls".

Of course, it's sort of dumb to segregate strictly on sex-based physical differences as though skill and intelligence isn't a factor at all...
Christ, couldn't the guys at least wait for a woman to actually WIN the race before complaining that men are naturally disadvantaged?

Plus, I agree with philip. There seem to be plently of of thin but atletic near-midgets available for horseracing - if their build is so advantageous, why aren't these guys racing cars?

Which brings up another question: why does the cause of the disadvatage - sex - matter more than the disadvantage itself, weight? Logically, shouldn't he be arguing for weight categories like in boxing rather than sex categories? Sure women would more likely end up in the lower weight categories, but that would be a better way of equaling the competition.

All of the above, of course, assumes he was not just being a whiney ass, the much more likely case.
Its amazing that as soon as a woman gets the slightest advantage, men want to quash it.
All of the above, of course, assumes he was not just being a whiney ass, the much more likely case.

Indeed. That's how I see it.
The question of whether or not driver weight should be a part of the weight calculation is a valid concern. I follow motorcycle racing, and to be a racer you've gotta be 150 lbs or less, because otherwise you'll affect the power-to-weight ratio too much. It's a lot less of an issue in formula one, since the cars are so much heavier than motorcycles, but still an issue.

I agree, though, that him bringing it up right now, just in relation to Danica Patrick, is because he's a sexist and a tool.
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