Thursday, June 02, 2005

A BIG Update to the Blogroll

It's been a long time since I've updated Red's Roll, so it's time I get on my ass and do it. These folks will be added today.

The Idea Men -- A Mellifluent Media Site. Featuring Earnest Pettie with Kam Stocks (and I don't mean in a homosexual way... not that there's anything wrong with that).

A True Jersey Girl -- "Bon Jovi, Big Hair, & Bruce... What More Could You Want?"

La Lubu -- "The Goddess Who Runs With the Wolves"

What Can Brown Do For You? (John Norris Brown) -- "Political musings and random thoughts from a conservative college student."

Black Feminism -- "A community weblog about race & gender"

BlondebutBright (I love the name) -- "Everything that I have seen, heard, and experienced has brought me to this point, and I understand nothing but in relationship to me at this point."

Mary Ellen Slayter -- Slayter is a young copy editor for the Washington Post.

The following are Libertarian/Individualist blogs:

Enjoy Every Sandwich -- "An individualist, libertarian, possibly-armed, ifeminist, engineer, dog lover, INTJ, space nut, atheist woman enjoying every sandwich while promoting liberty and neighborliness." And she has a sex toy business!

Freeman, Libertarian Critter -- A student living in Michigan. (Darn, no pics. I bet he's cute, though...)

Reason's Hit and Run -- "Continuous news, views, and abuse by the Reason staff"

Brad Spangler -- "Easily offended? Go away."

Louise P -- I can't actually read most of it, but it seems cool.

UPDATE: Also wanted to add Billy J's Benevolence. Billy-Jay likes metal (which is cool enough for me) and plays in the band Bereaved.

How utterly cool isn't it to be blog rolled by someone who can't understand a word of the blog?!

Thank You. One day I may go ahead and make an english version.

(it's in swedish btw)
Red, I've tagged you for the Libertarian book thing. I hope you don't mind. Details are here.

Louise, haha, I was wondering what language that was!

billy-jay, no problem. I'll do the book tag thing. Thanks for asking!
Thanks for the link, Red. You've got one at my place now.
Thanks for the link!

Sorry I don't have a pic online. If anyone wants to know what I look like, just picture billy-jay with bigger eyes, brown instead of red facial hair, and slightly more of that facial hair than he has.

Louise - I'd definitely be interested in reading your blog if you ever provided an English translation for it. It's not too often that one comes across a libertarian in Sweden, and it'd be cool to read a libertarian perspective of what's going on in Sweden by someone who calls Sweden home.
I was looking through your blog trying to find a good place to post this. I can't say I really found a good one, but here goes. Because of the nature of your blog, I thought you might find the following article interesting:
Gender and Corruption: A Panel Data Analysis

This paper shows that U.S. states with higher female participation rates in government generally have less corruption. However, when controlling for unobservable state characteristics, women do not have a significant effect on corruption. This goes against the traditional view, that women make for less corrupt governments. It supports the counter hypothesis, that less corrupt countries elect more women.

Hope you like it.
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