Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cubs Win? Let's Hope

In about three hours, I'll be hopping on a bus to Milwaukee to see the Cubs play the Brewers. I am a huge Cubs fan, in case you didn't know. The bus trip will be long, but I'll at least be able to sleep.

I will also get to see Glendon Rusch pitch. He is probably my favorite pitcher right now, although he's incredibly underrated. At 2.89, he has the lowest ERA of any Cubs starter. But the real hero is of course Derrek Lee. That guy is just amazing, batting .389 and all. I keep thinking his streak will end, but it hasn't. It's like he's a superhuman or something.

I do love the Cubs, but this has been a hard season for me. I can live without Sosa. But losing Clement and Alou just broke my heart. Oh well. Michael Barrett is hot, btw.

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