Friday, July 01, 2005

Flabby Chins are Sexy

The beautiful Charlotte Allen asks, "Why does feminism have to mean the triumph of the ugly and the surly?"

Sometimes... a picture is worth a thousand words.

UPDATE: Charlotte Allen is now claiming that I doctored her photo. This is not true, and I can prove it. If you follow this link, you'll see the original photo from How, exactly, did I doctor a photo on their website?

Sadly, this is the real Charlotte Allen in all her gorgeous glory. You know, the kind of uppity lady who thinks flight attendants should cater to her every whim because, duh, they're just lowly service people.

I'd like to take this moment to thank all the flight attendants for the job they do and for helping to keep our airways safe.

UPDATE II: Allen graciously conceded that I didn't alter her photo. But she's got my point all wrong. I do think she has the right to harp about flight attendants. It's called the first amendment. But I also think she has the right to fall under the same criticism herself. Showing me pictures of Ann Coulter (who is 43 and looks like John Kerry's long faced lost sister) isn't going to change that.

My real point is that feminism does not "have to mean the triumph of the ugly and the surly". If that were true, then Ms. Allen would be Top Dog.

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Excellent spotted! :-D

One of those mysteries.
I wrote something on my blog about this recently - saying, why can't you be pretty and feminine AND be strong and a feminist? I don't get it. I wear makeup and do my hair and try to look attractive and I am also a tough feminist broad. I think we can be both!!!
And apparently anti-feminism means the triumph of the old and the craggy and the saggy, if this particular specimen is anything to go by.
JerseyGirl, no offense but I think you completely missed the point of the joke. Might want to have the old irony sensors checked out.
Jersey- which blog entry is it? I want to read it.

The IWF wants to bring back that old stereotype that feminists are just a bunch of women too ugly to find men. Because you know, finding a man is everything! (Don't get me wrong, I love my man. But I could at least survive without him.)

Last year I was president of the feminist group on campus, and there were tons of hottie chicks involved -- to the point where some of my male friends asked if they could join!

But yeah, Charlotte Allen just makes it too easy to pick on her looks. I would say nothing of her ugliness if it weren't for her lies about feminism. Notice how she offers no evidence that feminism is for the 'ugly and surly'. Yet I can find examples of serveral pretty feminists (you, me, Ashley Judd, the Feministe chicks, etc).
"And apparently anti-feminism means the triumph of the old and the craggy and the saggy, if this particular specimen is anything to go by."

HAHAHAHA! Too true.
Ahh, let me clarify one of my comments. I am not saying that all feminists are great-looking. I know someone could just as easily throw Kim Gandy in my face here.

I'm merely saying that some feminists are hot, some are not -- just like the rest of the population. What Charlotte Allen said is clearly FALSE. There is no ugliness requirement to be a feminist.
truejerseygirl: even the antifeminists may look like they want - here contrairy to their belifs.;)

Of course Allen makes a false statement. But it is strange how often one run into the stupid notion that to be a feminist one must surely be ugly and bitter.

I still laugh myself silly looking at the pic of Allen. The funny thing is not her looks, the funny thing is her opinions plus her looks. It's the combination. I actually kind of got hooked yesterday reading her stuff. Is this for real?

Kirsty: "anti-feminism means the triumph of the old and the craggy and the saggy[..]". :-D
For one thing, I live in Houston and I fly Continental quite often and I don't find her description of the service to be very truthful, at least not in my experience.
I could be wrong, but isn't there a striking resemblance to Bill Nighy there?
I suspect Bill Nighy would be offended by the comparison...
Dear Lord.

What a cow. Her looks fit her personality, if you ask me.
A very LARGE point that dear Ms Allen seems to have missed along the way: flight attendants, male or female are on the plane primarily for passenger safety.

I work in aviation training. It's part of the script that pilots are supposed to be reciting at the beginning of the flight.
What you're looking at is a very low resolution, poor quality jpeg. Compression artifacts (big chunks o' pixels) will make anyone look like Robet Redford and I don't mean that in a good way. She probably doesn't look quite that bad. Most people who write professionally have a flattering photo, though. This is a crappy snapshot that someone scanned, enlarged, resaved at low resolution/high compression.
pwned, but rightly so.

Is IWF affiliated with / similar to ifeminists(.com)? The latter actualy seemed interesting.
The better question is: why in the hell do you need to be a feminist?

Feminism is a crock of shit.

And that has nothing to do with whether a woman has a right to a job.

Get rid of the religion, honey. It's a bore.
I actually LIKE ifeminists and Wendy McElroy. I highly recommend them and the forum.

The difference is that ifeminists are libertarian/individualist, but the IWF ladies are right-wing conservative. Ifeminists want to keep the government out of our lives; IWF wants government controlling us (as long as it's a Republican government). Ifeminists support gender-neutral laws, while IWF thinks men and women are too different for that. Ifeminists support men's rights, while IWF wants a return to 100% male chivalry. See

I've noticed that SOME of the IWF articles are pretty good. But the blog is a bunch of the same old "women should know their place" and "men must be chivalrous" sort of thing.
I'll get right on that, since you're a man and you told me to.

Oh wait...
Well, it's been my experience that flight attendants on US airlines are less courteous, less professional, and less attractive than non-US airlines.

I dread flying on US airlines these days.
Your response is equally boring.

You need to forget this silly bullshit and focus on the important things. Like, maybe, having a good time and enjoying life.

The feminist women of my generation have been such fucking bores. Constantly bitching and nagging.

Long ago, I ceased having anything to do with white American women. Usually only date Filipinas. One of these days, ladies, you'll price yourself completely out of the competition with the bitching and nagging, and you'll find that no sane man will have anything to do with you.

You're not oppressed. You're spoiled, whining brats. Really. Long past time to cease being assholes.
Why, oh why, do anti-feminist men think "I don't want to have sex with you!" is supposed to be a devastating insult?

I'm sure there are some Pinay women (as in all ethnic groups) who have low self-esteem and bad taste in men.
Stephen, did I ever say I was oppressed? Please, point out just ONE TIME on this blog that I've ever said that.

I'm not of your generation. I don't nag, although I'm occasionally an asshole. And I'm engaged to a very hot male. So whatever I've done so far has worked quite well.

"You need to forget this silly bullshit and focus on the important things. Like, maybe, having a good time and enjoying life."

I do enjoy life. I guess you didn't know I'm a rockstar.

But seriously, there are some people who probably still do wallow in self-pity and think they're oppressed. But that's not my style.

Now, picking on Charlotte Allen... that is totally my style!
Posted my respone on my weblog.

Feminism is just bitching, whining and nagging with a new name.

What a tiresome human being you are!

Non-feminist women are smarter than you, better lovers, better people... just better all around.

It's not about sex, stupid. It's about being a decent human being.

You're not. You're an incredibly spoiled, whining brat.

When I say that men should stay away from women like you, I mean in every way, not just in relationship. You should be shunned. I put up with women like you only at work, when I have to.
Billy-jay, you are probably right. But I think that has more to do with the fact that US Airlines are broke and understaffed. And that could be caused in part by unions. Allen at least has that right.

But it's not against the law to fire an employee for being rude. And in fact, you can fire an employee for not wearing makeup. All you have to do is put it in the dress code. So there's something else going on here other than what Allen is letting on.
Whoa Stephen dude, you have issues!

I don't think I'll be reading your blog. Because... I really DO have better things to do than listen to nagging.
"Like, maybe, having a good time and enjoying life."

Well, Stephen you sure seen like a fun and exciting guy to hang out with. I bet we'd have a great time putting white bitches in their place and cruising for Asian babes.
I have to strongly disagree with Stephen's statement that non-feminist women are better lovers. I may have to pop by his blog to say it there as well. But I'd take a hetero feminist gal, anyday. The deep and abiding love for cock that can only be expressed by a liberated woman is unparalleled. Non-feminist women fuck you because they feel like they have to to make you happy. It's generally a pretty boring ride. But you take a dripping feminist, and that glazed over starry struck look in their eyes when they get their hands on a solid hunk of manhood, and just sit back. Cuz those girls'll suck it like they fucking mean it, and the most vicious pounding you can muster, they'll abide it. And when they look up at you with the juices poring down their sweet little faces, you know it's only a girl who respects herself who'll let you do it, without getting weird about it. Naw man, I can't agree at all. The prime snapper is almost always feminist snapper.
i've found that men like jedmunds have much bigger dicks than men like stephen. and the motion of the ocean is good, too.
Long ago, I ceased having anything to do with white American women. Usually only date Filipinas.

I'll sleep better tonight, though the unfortunate Filipinas have my sympathy.

You know, kiddo, for someone who keeps harping on RF for being an unappealing whiner, you sure do like to keep humping her leg.

Protesting too much, I think, cupcake. . .
Or trying to get hits for his blog, more like.
You're not. You're an incredibly spoiled, whining brat.

Wow. I think this Stephen dude is engaging in some serious projection here.

I also think that his comments toward feminism are total strawmen (or strawwomen? or strawpeople?). I don't think the guy even knows the difference between someone like Wendy McElroy and someone like Andrea Dworkin, if he even knows the names of any feminists of any variety.

If I were a woman, I'd avoid degenerate men of his ilk like the plague.
Wow, Red! Stinging retorts! [high five]
I heard Phillipino women love tiny little penises.
Stephen: Ease up, people (like you)analyzing other people often end up showing a lot more of themselves than the subject intended. And then we all laugh. In this case it's called simply a fallacy of logic (yes, a strawman).

Redneck Feminist is fun, fun, fun. And she's apparently having fun, fun, fun. (you missed that)


And. So hilarious to read the 'ugly womans' respons, logic was it not? She did not see that one coming.
Hi Blogger, I've been searching around for ugly related blogs to get some ideas and possibly trade links with. I found this entry (Flabby Chins are Sexy) in my search so I thought I'd post a quick note to let you know. Anyway I have a new blog called Ugly Blog, so feel free to check it out but don't feel obligated. Take care - Eric
Since when has making fun of women with "flabby chins" been feminist?

It's bad enough that men will sometimes judge us on the basis of physical attractiveness, without having to hear it from other women as well.

Yeah, I know she's a right-winger, but bashing women on the basis of their looks is sexist and juvenile. Refute her arguments, but don't resort to the "you're ugly too" line. That's just playing into the hands of sexists (like the moronic stephen here).

A recent post of yours expressed your frustration at being stereotyped because of your thinness. Then why is it ok to make fun of other womens' less-than-gorgeous (in popular perception) bodies?

I like your blog. You bring up some relevant points. I just think it's hypocritical of you to slag off women whose neck waddle is more susceptible to the effects of gravity.
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