Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Moment of Silence

I'm sure everyone has heard about the attacks on London today. I'm not sure what to think yet; I just feel very sad for the people of London.

From MSN:
A group calling itself “The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe” posted a claim of responsibility, saying the blasts were in retaliation for Britain’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The statement also threatened attacks in Italy and Denmark, both of which have troops in Iraq. It was published on a Web site popular with Islamic militants, and the text was republished on Elaph, a secular Arabic-language news Web site, and Berlin’s Der Spiegel magazine.
I'm sure that conservatives will blame liberals, liberals will blame conservatives, and fundies will blame feminists for this. But I'd rather not deal with that yet. The only people who truly are to blame are the ones who carried out this horrible attack.

Does anyone think an over-achieving, capitalist, career-focused woman could be a true Democrat?

Maybe I'm missing something, but I do. Are you characterizing "true" democrats as borerline socialists? Cause I don't think that's true. I'm certainly not even close to one. Although I'm slightly left of center in terms of contemporary economic approaches, I think if I were voting purely on economics I could find room among the moderates in the Republican Party. I mean I like low taxes and I'm not big on govt. programs, but at the same time I consider myself pretty pragmatic, and the economic ideologues in the Republican Party with their Biblical faith in slashing taxes strike me as kind of insane. I would think anyone with a reasonable approach to fiscal policy would be comfortable in the Democratic Party, despite the present of a small group of extreme lefties.

But I don't really identify with the Democratic Party that strongly either. And I actually used to be a Republican too. Though my conversion was probably slightly different than yours, though similar in the sense that it was the cultural right that really made it impossible for me to be a Republican.
woops wrong thread.
I'm a displaced Londoner, and I'm happy to say that things in my beloved city seem to be back to normal. Friends back home also report that the finger-pointing is being kept to a minimum and everyone is just quietly soldiering on, which is after all probably one of Britian's defining national characteristics. I was a bit ticked off at the suggestion that Blair was a nancy-boy for looking a bit teary in his initial speech. Blair's kids live only a few miles from where one of the bombs went off (Liverpool Street tube). If it were me I'd be pretty damned upset too.
I found a funny anecdote which I posted on my blog from an old guy named Albert on his way to work the next morning. I quote "I know I'm sat at the back of the bus and yesterday this would have been ripped off. You can't imagine what happened to the people onboard, but we have to get on with things. People are all going in to work today - life has to go, doesn't it?".
Now that's a Londoner if I've ever heard one.
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