Friday, July 01, 2005

There Goes Roe

This just in: Sandra Day O'Connor is stepping down from the U.S. Supreme Court.

O'Connor has long been my favorite justice. She's a moderate Republican who has some strong libertarian leanings. I'd also consider her a feminist, in that libertarian sort of way. Appointed by Reagan, she was the first female justice on the High Court.

Some have attributed O'Connors libertarian views to her growing up in rural Arizona. She certainly has defended property rights against government taking. In a recent case questioning whether the government can seize private property and give it to another private party for economic development, O'Connor sided with property owners. "Nothing is to prevent the state from replacing any Motel 6 with a Ritz Carlton, any home with a shopping mall or any farm with a factory,” she said in her dissent.

O'Connor received her B.A. in economics from Stanford. She also received her law degree from Stanford, where she ranked third in her class. However, she was unable to find work as a lawyer because she was a woman. She was offered only secretarial jobs. In order to get a job as an actual lawyer, she had to work for free. Yeah, that means she didn't get paid! But it got her foot in the door and allowed her to prove herself as a competent lawyer.

I am sorry to see O'Connor go. She has been a positive role model for me and many others.

I totally agree with you! I was in a meeting this morning and came back to my desk to find an email from my husband that said O'Connor retired. Sorry. He couldn't have said it better. She was the swing vote on a lot of important issues. But what worries me most is that now Bush will probably get to appoint THREE new justices. God help us all!
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