Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Redneck Feminist Hearts the Boobie Lady

Kudos to Pam Spaulding at Pandagon for pointing this out. I hadn't heard about the controversy surrounding Loretta Nall, the Libertarian Party's gubernatorial candidate in Alabama. You will not believe what this woman did. She... she.... wore a shirt two years ago that revealed, um... um... cleavage! And someone took a photo of it!

Can you believe the nerve of this woman?

Her letter addressing this "issue" is definitely worth a read. There are some redneck feminist overtones in it for sure.

I want to blog more about this awesome candidate for governor, but not tonight. All work and no play for me. Perhaps another time. But you can check out her blog here and her platform here.

Thanks RedFem. - what can I say? When confronted with an ignorant ass like Felix the words just flow.

And yeah, Nall does seem like a awesome woman. Those tits will carry some weight in office, I hope.
I LOVE her slogan. Her opponents seem a little slow. I can't see this having anything other than a positive effect on her campaign. Such a shame smearing is so endemic in politics.
Redneck Feminist....I love it!!
Thanks girlie for covering campaign adventures in Alabama.

Check out for the latest news and video including the PTA Candidate Forums from yesterday.

Superb stuff!!
While I'm pretty sure that Letterman has said this first I've just got to say, Americans should be used to seeing a couple of boobs in every election campaign.
Saw the AP Newswire story about Loretta Nall today, got curious, Googled her, and spent the last two hours laughing myself silly and cheering in about equal quantities. This despite disagreeing with her on a bunch of political issues -- her reasons for thinking like she does make sense and it's so refreshing to know a candidate isn't playing the spin control game. (It's also *COOL* to see a political dirty trick backfire as thoroughly as that "Boobs" picture did.) ;)
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