Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rock On

I decided to post some pics from my last show. Be kind... drummers don't look good in candid shots. I think it has to do with the extreme sweating. I also stunk really bad, but lucky for you I don't smell in photos.

Here I'm just fastening my shoe (and smiling really big).

Now I'm fastening my other shoe - except this time, apparently, with Botox.

I swear... from my point of view I couldn't see that sweat on my shirt!

Note to self: you don't look like a badass when you smile.

You know, I would have never known it was sweat if you hadn't said so. I'd have just assumed it was boob shadow :-)
Haha, it does kind of look like boob shadow. I also think the sweat served as a breast enhancer. My boobs look bigger in that pic than in the one below. Who knew?!
Terrific pics!
You look like you’re having a great time! It’s good to hear from you again…and BTW, how’s the new job going?
Nice pix! I dunno, there are some drummers who take great pictures and look awesome when performing.
Hey, Robert! I still love my job. I'm working a lot, but it's all good.
Hi there...just decided to drop by and see if you were still around. Nice have a good smile :)

Glad the job is working out for ya. Keep on rockin'

I was going to say nice tits, but the smile is nice to. I could pretend to be a feminist for a squeeze.
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