Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finally, someone who gets it!

I am the first to admit I'm not the best at articulating the ideas I'm trying to get across. Lucky for me, Justine Nicholas has already done the work. Her essay, The New Feminisim, is a brief but wonderful introduction to libertarian feminism. I am linking it here with the hope that some of my readers - particularly the lefty feminists - will consider the ideas Nicholas presents. I pasted a snippet below, but the entire essay is a must-read.

To comply with legislation, companies and other organizations hired many women for low- and lower-middle-level positions from which they were never promoted. Consequently, women still don’t have anything like the "old boy’s network" to help them advance.

As the political and legal landscape I’ve described was taking shape, a few companies decided, on their own accord, to adapt more female-friendly policies such as child care leave. They realized that by excluding "the 51% minority," they were denying themselves some very valuable workers. What smart executive doesn’t want the best and brightest people available working with, or for, him or her? Eventually, I think, most companies would have had to come to such a realization, for the growth in areas such as high technology would outpace universities’ ability to turn out qualified male graduates.

What we ended up with, instead, were lots of companies hiring "token" females and a loss of opportunities for women – particularly poor single mothers – to rise out of poverty. The only alternative for many of them, under the circumstances I’ve described, is government handouts. And, as we’ve seen, it’s hard to devise a better way to keep people "in their place."

And one more point I must add:
The fact of the matter is that legislators (Even today, most are still male.) wouldn’t have such power over us if governments didn’t gain the wherewithal to pass or abolish laws regulating our private lives. They wouldn’t be able to exert such control over us if they didn’t have the symbiotic relationships that they have with the medical establishment.
Now ladies, I know many of you just love the FDA so much. But the reality is that we wouldn't have to fight for over-the-counter access to emergency contraception if we didn't give the state this power in the first place.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm Gettin' Buck Wild

I just ordered this book. Can't wait to get it!

Buck Wild: How Republicans Broke the Bank and Became the Party of Big Government (Hardcover)
by Stephen A. Slivinski

Editorial Reviews

Book Description

"If you fell into a coma in November of 1994 and woke up yesterday, a lot of things might surprise you. But nothing would baffle you more than what has happened to the Republican Party. Stephen Slivinski can explain. Buck Wild tells a painful story, but it's honest and true and well worth reading."

-TUCKER CARLSON, host of MSNBC's The Situation with Tucker Carlson and author of Politicians, Partisans and Parasites

"Buck Wild does more than reveal what's wrong with the Republicans. It reveals what's wrong with us, the voters who put them in office. Politicians are foxes. But we insist on believing that some are guard dogs. We elect them to watch the hen house, and on the first Wednesday in November there's nothing left but feathers."

-P. J. O'ROURKE, author of Parliament of Whores and Peace Kills

"During the course of Stephen Slivinski's superbly researched chronicle, we meet some true conservative heroes from whom we can draw inspiration for the future. Their constant courage, punctuated by occasional success, tells us that the fight against the Leviathan state might yet be won."

-JAMES P. PINKERTON, White House domestic policy aide under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush

A scathing look at how the Republican Party, once the paragon of fiscal conservativism, has embraced Big Government and become even more irresponsible with taxpayer money than the Democrats.

Via Amazon.

Friday Rockstar Blogging - Iowa Style!

Today's featured rockstar is Joey Jordison of the only famous band from Iowa: Slipknot. Jordison's bio is via DRUMMERWORLD. (I didn't realize until now that I'm taller than he is.)

Joey Jordison... Full name: Nathan Jonas Jordison
Date of Birth: 26th April, 1975, Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa
Plays: Drums (and Guitar!)
Height: 5"5
Status: Single
Wears: His mask is a white japanese expressionless kabuki mask, now painted with black scars and fake Blood. He has long black hair with vivid red-steaks.
He's the most talkative member of the group
He is also the creator of the tribal S symbol for the band.
Joey is Known for being one of the fastest drummers in metal history.
He was one of the original members of Slipknot, and drummed for MFKR
Rip's off the arms and legs of his suit, because its easier to drum.
He's talkitive, diminutive, and just really down to earth.
He writes a lot of their songs, including Scissors.
He mixed the self titled album.
He created the term "Maggot" for a slipknot fan...
Doesn't do drugs
First Record Ever Bought: 'Kiss Alive'
Musical Heroes: Fantomas, KISS, Slayer, Venom, Mercyful fate, Misfits, Mike Patton,Melvins.
The First concert he ever saw was Kiss on the "Asylum" tour
Is a big fan of Fleetwood Mac...actually he listens to Fleetwood Mac every night before going to sleep
Joey's first job was as sales associate at a retail record store in West Des Moines.
Before Slipknot, Joey played in a band called Modifidious with Craig.
When asked to describe himself in three words, he replied: "Introvert, quiet and attentive", yet others say he is quite talkitive...
In his opinion, Black Sabbath was the most heavy metal band ever.
Hobbies: "It is pretty much covered by music 24/7. Aside from that, maybe video games, sleeping and sex"
Bands played/plays in: "Anal Blast","Modifidious", "The Rejects"

Joey worked at a record store called "Music Land" and a gas station called "Sinclair's" he worked at the garage 4 nights a week for 10 hours after being tempted by a friend to get a job there. Joey likes to wear a black hood that says on it "Little People Kill People". The Tribal "S" that is now the slipknot logo, was originally drawn by Joey, Joey also drew the main Slipknot logo, and the big "K" and "T" may come from the fact that at that time he was a HUGE KoRn fan.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Further Evidence that Feminists are Lazy

Damn, I worked 17 hours yesterday with no breakfast or lunch. (My fiance did bring me dinner, though. Sweet thing.) I'm used to 12-hour days, but this 17-hour stuff sucks. I guess that's what happens when you go on vacation.

Rockstar blogging will be back Friday. In the meantime, I'm going to pig out and then get some rest.

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