Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Rockstar Blogging - Boob Edition

In honor of Ann Althouse, I just had to pick a rockstar with boobs for tonight's feature.

Lita Ford is a good guitar player. I mean the lady can shred. She used to take a rhythym guitarist on tour with her, but she always did all the guitars herself on the albums (yes, that means the solos too). Like many male rockers of her time, she used her sex appeal to her advantage. But the talent was there to back it up.

Well... at least talent musicianship-wise. She had some pretty silly songs. This particular video is hilarious, especially the blood at the end. But I like the solo and the outro drum fills. Give it a watch!

Me and my Man Boobs

Oh, another boob controversy. First it was Loretta Nall, now it's Jessica Valenti from Feministing. But hey, if you're gonna "breastblog", be prepared to get called on it!

Unfortunately, Ann Althouse likes Jessica's boobs better than mine. In fact, she thinks I'm a man.

But since breastblogging for attention is the way to go, allow me to join. I don't have any bare boobie shots of myself, so I'll just re-post this one of me with sweaty drummer boobs. Behold my man boobs! (Except please don't actually hold them. My fiance might get pissed.)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Why Statistics Can't Run Your Life

As mentioned earlier, I am not able to use my home computer right now and have instead been reading blogs from work. I haven't been able to construct an entire post, since I'm such a Yes Girl, Company Geek, Corporate Tool, etc. I would feel guilty wasting that much time.

But don't think I didn't catch the Forbes article hoopla (the article cautioning men not to marry career women). To that, I just want to say... who cares? I already have the best guy in the world. And even if I didn't, I would rather be alone than settle for a guy who didn't love me for who I am - an ambitious, hard-working person with high career goals.

Statistically, I'm supposed to be pretty screwed up. I had a teen pregnancy and grew up in an abusive, working-class, redneck home. I'm supposed to be uneducated, depressed, dependent on welfare, and desperate for a man. But I'm none of those things.

Statistics say my marriage will be a failure, too. But I don't believe it. I am confident in my ability to continuously buck the trends. Sorry, Forbes, but you didn't scare me.

Friday Rockstar Blogging - Riot Grrl Edition

Did you think I would forget the riot grrls? I was never a big Bikini Kill fan - the vocals annoyed me. But L7? They're cool. I'd call them a mix of grunge, punk, and metal.

Blogs I'm Reading

I'm having terrible computer problems and have to blog from work (which I don't really like to do). My blogroll is old and in serious need of a facelift. Until I actually take the time to do that, I'm just going to keep posting links.

I Jus' Wanna Sing
A blog by SmartBlkWoman. I particulary recommend this post. She recognizes the double standard against Black women with regard to interracial dating. But she's not letting you get her down, fellas!

The Truffle
Sassy city girl who likes Star Wars and recognizes the scariness of airbrushing. Remember, I used to model, and yes... they DO edit out those lines around the mouth!

Cooking with Ideas
A blog by Bibliochef. I'm no chef, but I love to eat. I vow to never diet!

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