Friday, September 01, 2006

Blogs I'm Reading

I'm having terrible computer problems and have to blog from work (which I don't really like to do). My blogroll is old and in serious need of a facelift. Until I actually take the time to do that, I'm just going to keep posting links.

I Jus' Wanna Sing
A blog by SmartBlkWoman. I particulary recommend this post. She recognizes the double standard against Black women with regard to interracial dating. But she's not letting you get her down, fellas!

The Truffle
Sassy city girl who likes Star Wars and recognizes the scariness of airbrushing. Remember, I used to model, and yes... they DO edit out those lines around the mouth!

Cooking with Ideas
A blog by Bibliochef. I'm no chef, but I love to eat. I vow to never diet!

Hey, thanks for the mention. . . . . The Forbes article hoopla is very very interesting given our economy, eh?
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