Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Rockstar Blogging - Boob Edition

In honor of Ann Althouse, I just had to pick a rockstar with boobs for tonight's feature.

Lita Ford is a good guitar player. I mean the lady can shred. She used to take a rhythym guitarist on tour with her, but she always did all the guitars herself on the albums (yes, that means the solos too). Like many male rockers of her time, she used her sex appeal to her advantage. But the talent was there to back it up.

Well... at least talent musicianship-wise. She had some pretty silly songs. This particular video is hilarious, especially the blood at the end. But I like the solo and the outro drum fills. Give it a watch!

here's a little poem from youtube
Ha! That was pretty cute, especially the end.

Although guys have estrogen too; they just don't have.... "estrogen".
Testosterone is what drives the world ladies! Just look at the world around you, driven by men.

Who do you think invented the guitar, drums, car, planes, Apollo missions, submarines, and even the vaunted bra!
I completely agree. Only the person who invented the drums should be allowed to play them. Everyone else should be legally banned! ;-)
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