Friday, September 15, 2006

Me and my Man Boobs

Oh, another boob controversy. First it was Loretta Nall, now it's Jessica Valenti from Feministing. But hey, if you're gonna "breastblog", be prepared to get called on it!

Unfortunately, Ann Althouse likes Jessica's boobs better than mine. In fact, she thinks I'm a man.

But since breastblogging for attention is the way to go, allow me to join. I don't have any bare boobie shots of myself, so I'll just re-post this one of me with sweaty drummer boobs. Behold my man boobs! (Except please don't actually hold them. My fiance might get pissed.)


And just when I was looking forward to a little bouncy fun. But seriously those are definitely female boobs, and quite attractive.

Lets say some are more blind than others.
I heard about Althouse's latest much ado over nothing. Sheesh. And peopel wonder why I hate lawyers...
omg, nice blog. Thanks for the comments on mine always appreciated.

stop by nic's blog anytime you get to see the more real me there...
Yes, because boobs are the only thing that defines a woman. Please, people...out of all things to judge someone on?
Man boobs on a woman...? The picture is quite small but from what I can see, you are very thin and your boobs look quite large in terms of your stature - very unlike "man boobs".
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Hi there, I sho do think there's a controversy about boobs in this world.
I love any kinda real boobs ... big or small. Just not them fake titties. Do you agree folks?
Wow...far from man boobs my dear.
Glorious I'd even say. lol

yes i have man boobs. i actually have huge ones, {size D-36 cup} and i am proud to wear a women bra. sure its sad that i need the support, but i love them. the boobs jiggle even when i talk, and it tickles. post a comment back to me if you have a problem with my man tits.
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hi. i found a pic of you behind a white drum kit while doing a image search.

i'm writting to ask if i can use it for a drumming photo site i'm working on. from famous to no so famous, girls and guys, beginners and pros form the 20's to now. i'm not really sure on how the site will look but it won't be done for awhile anyway.

if interested would you like any info posted with the pic, like your name and the date of the pic? date more so so i can put it in a particular grouping, name not really needed but open.

yes, my google email is a temp one i use for possible scammers so pay no attention to what it says.

let me know. thanks, fish
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