Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Rockstar Blogging - R.I.P. Sandy West

This is one of those things I started Friday, but couldn't finish until Monday because it made me so sad. Sandy West, the drummer for The Runaways, has passed away.

I noticed CNN cut Joan Jett's quote -- too politically incorrect, I suppose. I have pasted the entire quote from Jett's website below.

We are deeply saddened by the lost of our good friend Sandy West. She was an incredible drummer and a kind soul. She will be missed. "I started the runaways with Sandy West. We shared the dream of girls playing rock and roll. Sandy was an exuberant nd powerful drummer. So underrated, was the caliber of John Bonham. I am overcome from the loss of my friend. I always told her, we changed the world." -Joan Jett
West was such a good drummer by the age of 16 that many questioned whether she really played on the first album. (She did. The only one who couldn't play her own parts was the bassist, Jackie Fox.) I too have always been impressed by her chops.

Here's a video of The Runaways where West does some vocals.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Redneck Feminist Described as "Otherwise Sensitive" (In other news: Hell finally freezes over)

It's true. Chris Clarke has included me, along with Amanda and Twisty, as being otherwise sensitive. Me? Sensitive? I always thought I was kind of a bitch. And come to think of it, Amanda and Twisty can get pretty bitchy too.

My sensitivity can be witnessed in blogging about "pro-lifers" who get abortions, ugly chicks who think feminism is just for all those other ugly chicks, and anti-feminist women who come running to the feminists for help once they get dumped.

Yeah, I'm a pretty sensitive person.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hot Enough to be Feminist (see also: tough enough to wear pink)

Feminist Ashley Judd

My 13-year-old male cousin is a jock -- a guy's guy. According to him, there are two kinds of guys who wear pink: 1) the homo-or-metrosexual and 2) the secure-in-his-manhood tough guy. He and his friends are the latter. They actually have pink shirts that say "tough enough to wear pink". And yes, they are considered to be the tough guys in school.

How the heck does this relate to feminism? I often get surprised looks when people find out I'm a feminist. They don't expect someone like me (skinny, blonde) to wear that label. They have blindly accepted the conservative rhetoric that only ugly butch chicks are feminists. And the only reason they're feminists is because guys don't think they're hot. Right?

I completely disagree. If you're an ugly straight chick looking for a man (any man), your best strategy is to not be a feminist.* Face it: you're not going to get a guy based on your hotness. My advice is to bend over and take it, and maybe some guy will bite. Better learn to cook, sweetie, and of course you need to swallow. You must also get an A+ in Ego Stroking 101.**

That is.... only if snagging a man is your #1 goal. If not, then ignore my advice!

This is not to imply that women who enjoy cooking and swallowing are doormats. Many women, including feminists, enjoy these activities. But these things are not required unless you're... you know.

But if you're ugly and landing a man isn't your top priority, then your best strategy is to be a feminist (and by feminist I don't mean member of NOW, I just mean you demand to be treated like a human being). You can do whatever you want because you'd rather just be yourself than change yourself to meet someone else's demands. And since not all men are jerks, it's still quite possible you'll find one who loves you despite the fact you're neither attractive nor a personal maid.** He may even appreciate your brain, which would mean you found a really great guy.

Now that I've covered the ugly chicks, let's move on to the attractive ones. Everyone knows that if you're attractive, you can do whatever the frak you want with regard to men. You can be feminist, anti-feminist, or spoiled princess. Many guys (not all) will want to date you regardless of the path you take.

I am not drop-dead-gorgeous, but people consider me attractive enough to "get away with" being a feminist (remember I live in Iowa where like 85% of the population is unattractive, so the bar isn't set real high). This point was driven home in comment #84 by twf on this Feminste post:***
And yes, there are certain men who like “guy’s girls,” the ones who drink and belch and watch football, but as others have mentioned, it only counts if she’s also conventionally beautiful and does the beauty work. Women can only defy one stereotype at a time and still be considered attractive by men socialized in a certain way.
To which I replied in comment #94 (emphasis added here):
Oh crap, that’s me. And it’s something I never wanted to admit. The only reason it is acceptable for me to play drums, watch football, and belch obnoxiously is because guys think I’m attractive enough to get away with it. Being attractive can give you the freedom to do the things you really want to do - the “boy” things, that is. I think that’s why I can’t bring myself to cut my hair, even though I know it would make my life easier and would give me more time for all my manly hobbies.
To which zuzu replied in #95:
Yeah, seriously. See how comfortable guys are with football lovin’, beer drinkin’, belchin’, scratchin’ bulldykes.
And when arwen brought social class into the mix, I said in #100:
Even as a working class feminist, though, looks mattered. Not only could I get away with having manly hobbies, I could also get away with being a feminist. This was mostly due to being skinny with long blonde hair. Guys still wanted to date me and even pretended to be feminists, just so they could parade around with a skinny chick who had ample boobage. I remember the first time I posted a feminist opinion on a message board and got all these hostile reactions. I couldn’t figure out why…. guys had always thought my feminist opinions were cool. Then I figured it out. These message board guys couldn’t see me. They assumed I was the hairy butch feminist and were therefore hostile to any feminist opinion I had.
Which is how this relates to being "hot enough to be feminist".

Obviously, not all hotties take the feminist path. Some choose to be doormats because they need the constant approval and are afraid to challenge the status quo. Or perhaps religion has convinced them they're inferior (yeah mom, I'm talking 'bout you). Other hotties may choose the princess path (the "it's my world and you're just living in it" approach). The princess path isn't about equality; it's about thinking you're better than someone else. It's not real feminism, it's just reverse sexism. But I suppose that's the lure of being the Empowerful Woman. And achieving empowerfulness is probably why so many naturally plain chicks try so! hard! to be pretty and engage in expensive, time-consuming beauty rituals that don't produce much of an effect.**** (Yeah, I said it. Your glitter lipgloss and fake tan don't hide your assymmetrical features. Okay?)

*I believe this is the approach anti-feminist Charlotte Allen has taken, and for good reason!

**All of this is null and void if you have money. If you have money, you can always afford a man. I recommend a poor-but-hot young college student. Then trade him in after he graduates and starts to make money. Unless he majored in liberal arts. If he majored in liberal arts, he'll still need your money.

***The post I'm referring to was written by Jill (who is drop-dead-gorgeous) and it has helped me face my own demons with regard to being a "fun feminist".

****If you're a beauty product junkie, I recommend reading Paula Begoun's work. This isn't an attempt to reform you of your beauty habits, but rather to inform you of which products and procedures really work -- and which ones don't. Begoun's work is based on independent, scientific reseach as opposed to hokey marketing ploys.

My Fiance Has a Blog

My partner in crime trilobyte has a new blog detailing his musical journey. So far he's only written about his teen years, but trust me -- he develops into a stellar guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He's not yet worthy of a Friday Rockstar Blogging post, not with these Brick mp3's from when he was like 14 or so, but he will be. Soon.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Book Meme

This book is not in my meme. I just like the naked guy.

I am embarrassed to say that SmartBlkWoman tagged me for this over a month ago, and it took me this long to write the post. I have the usual excuse: working way too much!


This will sound incredibly lame, but The Making of Modern Economics: The Lives and Ideas of the Great Thinkers by Mark Skousen. I read this as an economics undergrad for a course called History of Economic Thought. This book was my introduction to several different economic schools of thought on a philisophical level. And even though I obviously come down on the free market side, I like reading other perspectives.


I don't think I have ever read an entire book more than once. Perhaps the Bible when I was little, but I'm not sure.


Some sort of masturbatory material.


Any of the Artemis Fowl series books. I read these aloud with my son and fiance. We take turns reading and assign a voice to each character. These books are always a hoot, and they have contributed to my son's love of reading (second to Harry Potter).


When I was in middle school, I read That Was Then, This is Now by S.E. Hinton. I read The Outsiders too, like everyone else in my class, but this is the Hinton novel that made me bawl.


The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. You know, if I would have been alive back then.


I can't say. I suppose most people would choose something they disagree with, but I can't. Even the bad ideas need to be published, otherwise we wouldn't have anyone to feel superior to.


Buck Wild: How Republicans Broke the Bank and Became the Party of Big Government by Stephen Slivinski. The author was kind enough to comment on my teeny little blog! (He's also a drummer and has a band going with fellow Cato Institue folks -- who'd of thunk Cato employed crazy musician-types?)


I was going to say Vienna and Chicago, Friends or Foes?: A Tale of Two Schools of Free Market Economics by Mark Skousen. That's been on my Amazon wish list for months. But after reading SmartBlkWoman's meme, I'm interested in Life at the Bottom: The Worldview That Makes the Underclass by Theodore Dalrymple. I'm curious as to what about this book could convince one to give up statist liberalism in favor of classic liberalism. And since I like to approach feminism in an optimistic way, rather than the one-down-victim perspective, I think there is likely something for me in this book.

How about tagging some Iowa bloggers? I tag trilobyte, Scott Devore, An Iowa Libertarian, John Deeth, Iowa Ennui, Simplicity, KL Snow, Iowa Geek, Krusty Konservative, and Iowa Progress. I'm also tagging Kirsten, Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey, The Truffle, Happy Feminist, and John Norris Brown.

Friday Rockstar Blogging - "Can you play like a mofo?" Edition

If you're a drummer, I bet you know who Mike Portnoy is. And if not... well, you're probably a douchebag. He's a Tama guy while I'm a Pearl gurl, he's Sabian and I'm Zildjian, but he's one of my drum idols nonetheless. Plus, his wife is a technical guitar player who used to play in this metal band called Meanstreak.

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