Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Rockstar Blogging - Victims of a Down

From back when the System guitarist was actually skinny.

Not a Victim

No, I'm not. I have a good life. Good job, great guy, and a fun hobby. I'm a lot of things, but oppressed isn't one of them.

So why do people think I have to be a victim to be a feminist? I don't get it. Just because I realize that sexism still exists (against both women and men) doesn't mean I think life sucks and I'm oppressed. It just means that I recognize it exists. It's a little hard not to notice when a guy walks up to me during a sound check and says, "Are you really the drummer? Really?" Um, no... I'm just the band's eye candy. And they let me tune the drums. Cuz that's hot.

What is so wrong with seeing people as individuals? Sure, there are gender differences. But we, as individuals, are a lot more than our gender stats. I can't help it if I have a natural urge to want to hit things. (Hey, at least I'm taking it out on the drums!) And just because most women don't play drums, does that mean I shouldn't? What do other women have to do with me?

Oh, right. We belong to the same "class". It's this class-analysis that is at the root of socialist, collectivist thinking. Excuse me while I opt out.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's the Spending, Stupid

Everyone seems to think the Republicans lost the recent elections on the issue of Iraq. True, it was a factor. But the sleeper story here is the Republican's lack of fiscal discipline and subsequent increase in the size of government.

Make no mistake: fiscal conservatives either stayed home or voted for other candidates this election. Sure, Bush has lowered taxes (a good thing in itself). But true fiscal conservatives know that is meaningless in the face of Republican spending.

What was that? You think the spending was all for the war? Listen up, fool! Bush, with the help of a Republican Senate and House, has greatly increased non-defense spending. You can't blame that on the cost of the war. If you look at the real annual growth rate of federal spending, less defense, homeland security, and entitlements, Bush is the biggest spender since Nixon and Ford.* If you look at total spending, he's even worse than Johnson!*

And there is no excuse. The Republicans controlled everything -- the Presidency, the Senate, and the House. They and only they are responsible for the outrageous spending and growth of government. They can't blame this one on the Dems! The so-called party of Personal Responsibility needs to look in the mirror.

The Republican party is no longer the party of limited government. It hasn't been since Reagan. And I'm not the only one who feels that way. Take a look at these select emails to CNN on How did you vote and why? Emphasis below is mine.

David Cook, Moore, Oklahoma
I am a registered republican but I voted in the following order during this cycle: Libertarian, Independent, and then and only then democrat -- any party except the Republican Party. Within the next week I will also re-register as either a Libertarian or Independent. I haven't made up my mind yet. One thing I have made up my mind about, though, is I will never vote for another republican candidate for any office. They have certainly shown their true colors with their refusal to practice fiscal discipline, secure the borders, and allow our military in Iraq to show the insurgents who is in charge.

Mark Gibb, League City, Texas
I voted for as many Libertarian candidates as I could in my district. I am also fortunate to have Ron Paul as my representative, so it was a pleasure to vote for him even though he is a republican. Paul is a strong liberatian. The best thing we could do for our society is to reduce government in every sphere of life. Libertarians want to do that.

Dan Belling, Charlotte, North Carolina
Let's just say, that as a republican, I showed my displeasure toward my party. We gave them a House/Senate/Oval Office and all they do is listen to the far right Christian coalition and spend money like its going out of style.

*Source: Buck Wild by Stephen Slivinski, pages 145-147

Monday, November 06, 2006

Revenge of the Late-Bloomer

Sometimes it's hard to be a feminist. Take this anecdote as evidence of why.

As I've written before, I was way too skinny prior to having my son. I was teased mercilessly in high school by both boys and girls. To be precise, I was 5'7 and 95 pounds. People told me I had a pretty face, but that my body was gross.

One girl was particularly mean to me. Let's use some 90's slang and call her Ms. Thang. She had the perfect 120-pound slim, curvy figure (or at least what everyone in my class thought was perfect). I didn't hold that against her. But for some reason she hated the fact that I was skinnier than she was. And she did her best to make my life hell.

Now let's fast-foward a few years. I was at the mall buying some travel clothes when I saw it. Yep, you know what's coming. Ms. Thang was now Ms. Lumpy Ass! And your favorite redneck had done some blooming.

The temptation. Oh, the temptation! How I dreamt of this moment when I was 16. Could it be that Ms. Thang had fallen from grace? I knew how fragile the ego of Ms. Thang was, and I knew at this moment that I had the power. I could smash the esteem of Ms. Thang with little effort, the way she had tried to do to me years ago. Revenge could so easily be mine!

I had the thought. I admit it. I envisioned myself prancing my tight little buns in front of her, flipping my hair, looking back, smiling, and saying, "Oh hi, Jenny! I didn't recognize you at first." I knew this small action would crush her because Ms. Thang had never bothered to invest in anything other than her looks. And now, sporting thighs of jell-o, poor Ms. Thang had nothing left.

Now if you are of faint heart you may protest this little anecdote and think of me as an evil person, and certainly no feminist at all. But before you run for your binkie and blankie, consider this. Is it evil thoughts that make one evil? Or evil actions? I am willing to bet that we all have evil thoughts sometimes. Is it better to deny them, or to face them head-on?

This story ends with my super-ego victorious. Yes, I was a good little feminist. Damn it!

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